In the last few years, the growing sector of the countryside tourism resulted into specialization. There is this need of offering the visitor something else apart from the mere accommodation services, something like getting them involved in a life style, a culture and gastronomy. Wine tourism is the perfect complement in this sector. Few other products are so closely related to a people’s culture. The Ribeiro region definitely has all the characteristics to fulfil the visitors needs: landscape variety, monuments, culture, water sports in the reservoir of Castrelo de Miño, natural thermal waters and spas, big and small wineries, etc……………

En este entorno, nace


The visitor can observe the majestic complex of Casal de Armán Enoturismo from the summit of O Cotiño (Santo Andre de Ribadavia) presiding the Avia Valley. At the bottom, is the old 18th century Priest House, the village of Santo André. In the opposite side, Sampaio, Ribadavia, the village of San Cristovo, the Avia banks… And from Casal de Armán’s gardens the visitor can even make out further away, the megalithic complex of Pena Corneira.